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DECEMBER 9 - 16th 2017

“AGGUANILE: Water Wisdom Gathering”  is made of ecologists, indigenous tribal elders, artists, Permaculturist, and Earth activists located at the Yumake EcoLodge in Santa Marta Colombia of Sierra Nevada, a place considered to be on the Heart Acupuncture line of the Earth.

The gathering will take place from December 9-16 with the message to protect and clean our internal waters of the body and emotions, and the external waters of the Earth.

This event, that consists of workshops, talks, ceremonies, and a community mural painting project, is important because it allows for cross cultural transmission of messages and technologies to be shared between native people of the land and heart, and intellectual minds of innovation.

We know the importance of perspectives, knowledge and tools are vital for creating effective solutions that will help humanity to return to balance with the Earth, and the “AGGUANILE: Water Wisdom Gathering” is an international platform to do this work.

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