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NOVEMBER 4, 2017 - JANUARY 2018

As a fundraiser event and the first time this collection of artwork travels to the north, NYC Seeds of the Anaconda showed original artwork and high quality prints within the holistic setting of the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project. 


In this activation, theses paintings participated within this alternative gallery setting, and aimed to share the messages of ancestral wisdom and Transcendences in the territory of the north. 

This exhibit was a fundraiser for the 2017 Art Activation and Ancestral Wisdom gathering at the Yumake Ecolodge in Santa Marta, Colombia, 2017. Because Sierra Nevada is considered to be on the heart meridian line of the Earth, this gathering aims to act as an energetic acupuncture point to activate the Seven Pillars of: Wisdom Exchange between Tribes and Cultures, Ecology, Community Building, Visual Arts, Music, Nutrition Awareness, and Healing Arts, for the betterment of the world.

This exhibit includes original paintings and high quality prints from the Peruvian artists Moises Llerena, Juan Carlos Taminchi, Colombian artist Jeison Castillo, Japanese artist Yao, and US artists Madeline Lynch, Tim Davis and Manuela Reyes.

The Opening Reception included herbal refreshments from Ambrosia Elixirs, interactive collaborative live painting, and a discussion from the curator regarding the artwork and the ancestral wisdom activation projects that Seeds of the Anaconda embodies around the world.


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